Some Updates

Tuesday, August 1

Taking a quick break from revising the fourth HFA book to bring you a few updates:

The first draft is finished!
It has a title! (And no, I can’t tell you yet quite yet.)
It will publish in Fall of 2018.
The 5th HFA book is scheduled to publish in Fall of 2019.

Secondly, now don’t faint, but I will be doing an event this fall! I’m so excited to be participating the Pasadena Teen Book Festival! It takes place on Saturday, Sept 16, 2017 from 11am – 4pm. I’m not exactly sure what time my panel will be, but I expect it will be at the earlier end of the range. I’ll update when I have the exact time.
Where: Pasadena Public Library, 285 East Walnut Street Pasadena, CA 91101
Cost: Free! No tickets are necessary.

And lastly, after an over two year hiatus I stopped by Writer Unboxed today to talk about The Perils of Perfection. While the post is geared towards writers, I think it might be helpful to anyone who battles with perfection.

I’d like to promise I’ll be better about checking in here, but the truth is that likely won’t be happening until I finish the revisions. But once I do, I have some fun things lined up!

Until then . . .

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