Conferences and Cons

Sunday, January 27

Popping out of the writing cave to say HI! Book Three is chugging along, but never as fast or as brilliantly as I think it should be. Also, I have noticed working on a highly compressed schedule like this, I seem to be able to write the book OR write blog posts. Not very good at juggling both. BUT! I have created a Tumblr account because it feels like there’s many times I have something very short to say (but too long for twitter) or I just want to post a picture or quote I enjoyed, so I’m dipping my toe in the Tumblr stream. We’ll see how it goes. If you’re interested in following me there, by Tumblr is

Also, there will be a most awesome book trailer! Stay tuned for details on the big reveal over on EW soon!

As I mentioned over on Twitter, I will be going on tour for the release of DARK TRIUMPH for the first two weeks of April. I don’t have all the details yet, but I will be visiting San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Chicago, St. Paul, Cincinnati, Boston, and DC.

I’ve also got a number of conferences and conventions I’ll be attending this year, including some workshops I’ll be teaching.

First up I’ll be at Western Washington SCBWI’s annual conference on the weekend of April 19-21. I am SO excited about this one. I’ll be teaching a Master Class on Rediscovering Your True Voice, one of my favorite aspects of craft. I’ll also be teaching two workshops, one on Pace Yourself: Tools and Tips for Pacing Your Story and Architexture, techniques for adding layers, complexity, and texture to your novel. Oh, and I’ll be giving the closing keynote as well.

Next up I’ll be at the Texas Library Association’s annual conference in Fort Worth. On Thursday, April 25 at 3:00 I’ll be on a panel about New YA Literature to Entice Readers along with A. G. Howard, Andrew Smith, Mindee Arnett, and Joe Schreiber.

Then at the end of May, on the 18th, I’ll be at the 8th Annual Rochester Teen Book Festival in Rochester, NY along with a whole host of truly aMaZiNg authors!

After that, I will bury myself DEEP in the writing cave to finish up Mortal Heart.

In August, I will be teaching a week long intensive at the Antioch Summer Writing Institute in Santa Barbara. The class runs from July 28 to Aug. 3, and you can find more details HERE.

I will have a few more events this fall and I’ll post more details on those as they develop!

And that’s it for now!