Grave Mercy Deleted Scenes

Ismae’s Christmas List

Thursday, December 13

Dearest Saint Nycholas,

I would willingly forsake all material desires this Christmas if only you could grant me the following wishes, which would aid me greatly as I serve St. Mortain. You understand, these are not selfish, worldly requests, but rather the tools and answers I need in order to serve my convent to the best of my ability.

I humbly request the following:


Proof that Duval is not lying to me.

A lock on my chamber door.

To know what the old duke’s whore is planning.

For Vanth to quit trying to peck my eye out every time I try to send a message to the convent.

To find out where the reverend mother sent Sybella.

To understand why the reverend mother refuses to send Annith out, even when she is more skilled than Sybella or I.

A new poison, one that would only work on those who were guilty of treason.

For the cursed mummers to cease their infernal blowing and screeching on their trumpets and sackbuts.

For Mortain to marque Comte d’Albret’s black heart so that I may kill him and be done with it.


[from the Grave Mercy outtake file . . . ]