Sister Serafina’s herbal

Heretic’s Lament: Quick acting poison for heretics wishing to avoid pain of being burned to death. A deep amber color.

Martyr’s Embrace: (the pale green of new spring grass) excruciatingly painful poison for those wishing to do penance with the act of dying.

The Scourge: (rust colored liquid) This poison corrodes at the internal organs until they are too damaged to work any longer. Almost as painful as Martyr’s Embrace.

Dark Tears: (blood red drops) Causes lungs to fill with fluid and the victim drowns to death.

Bitter Tears: (clear as water) Virtually undetectable except for the bitter taste of victim’s tears.

Amourna’s Woe: (pale lavender liquid) So named for a pair of young lovers who drank the poison jointly when their warring families refused to allow them to wed.

Vengeance: white pearls with slow acting poison.

Matrona’s Curse: (the color of an old man’s piss) A powerful abortifacient which often has the added undesirable effect of killing the mother.

Adruinna’s Snare: This thick honey colored paste is absorbed through the skin. Effective, but inexact.

Mortain’s Caress: (the pale blue of the cold winter sky) An almost pleasant, merciful poison where the victim is overcome by a sense of euphoria as they die.

Night Whisper: A poison that is inhaled into the victims lungs, either in the form of a fine white powder or through candles made of beeswax into which the poison has been mixed. Also suitable for carrying in rings.

Brigantia’s Bane: (the muddy green of a stagnant pool) Eats all the knowledge from the victim’s brain until they become a babbling simpleton with no memory of who they were.

Nocturne’s Malaise: (the color of pale straw) With this poison, the victim simply goes to sleep, forever, until they waste away and die.