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Finding Our Writerly DNA

Friday, June 14

fairy DNA by kyz

I’m blogging over on Writer Unboxed today and talking about the benefits of identifying our writerly DNA.


When I deeply love a book as an adult it’s usually because it has managed to rock my world in such a way that I know  it has permanently changed how I look at and approach the craft of writing itself.

It occurred to me that these books become a part of my writerly DNA just as surely as the books of my youth became a part of my emotional DNA. Much like the books of my childhood, these stories open me up to the world of possibilities—not just in stories, but in craft. They show me what amazing things can be done within the scope of story. They give me a moment of true astonishment where I often think, “Oh, we’re allowed to do that?” and my writing world tilts on its axis.

 You can check out the full post HERE:

Weaknesses: Our Hidden Strengths

Thursday, September 27

Over on Writer Unboxed I was talking about how our weaknesses can often be our hidden strengths. And this doesn’t only apply to writing.

It’s one of the first rules of characterization we writers learn—give our protagonists a fatal flaw. Even better? Use that fatal flaw to bring about the character’s ultimate triumph. It is one of my favorite character arcs, how that flaw can end up being the thing that saves us, given the right set of circumstances.

As writers, we need to remember to apply it not just to our stories, but to ourselves . . .

You can read the full article HERE.


Monthly Columns

Monday, September 10

It occurred to me that I haven’t mentioned here that I blog once a month over on Writer Unboxed. My last post talked about how finding our writing voice brings us closer to finding our personal power:

Find Your Voice–Find Your Power

“The act of writing is an act of courage, not because of all the industry rejection that awaits, but because we are daring to step more fully into the very essence of who we are as people, and that is a scary, scary thing. No more masks, no more pretend, no more façade. Just us and those things we find of vital importance.”


I also had a very illuminating interview with Egmont USA Publisher Elizabeth Law last month. You can find my other entries here.